I’ve been on Periscope for nearly two months now and during that time I’ve noticed patterns or archetypes and classes of particular scopers that exist here.   Here are 11 that I’ve cataloged so far:


1)      The Reality Show Princess:

Sometimes known as “Life Scopers”, this is a broadcaster that is constantly on Periscope.   It is like they are directing their own personal reality show about their life and all the drama that comes with it.  They usually posts 3 to 6 times a day,  doing such mundane things as shopping, working out, working, sleeping etc.  I call them princess because they are usually female, but there are plenty of Males out there that do this too.  Examples are:

1-reality princess
2)      The Drama Queen:

This type of scoper feeds off of drama, and they tend to get a lot of followers because of it.   They have a love/hate relationship with followers sometimes serial blocking anyone that disagrees with them or their POV.   They are fun to watch at times, but if you choose to comment on their scope be careful what you say!   You’ve been warned.

3)      The Vaper/Stoner:

On my first day of scope surfing I typically came across some guy or girl lighting up or exhaling she fume from their lungs.  I don’t know why they thing this is cool or why even scope it for that matter, but they are numerous on Periscope.

4)      The Pastor/Preacher

One of the more positive archetypes on Periscope, these fellows usually go broadcast in the morning hours.     Sometimes they talk, give sermons, or just pray as those hearts come flowing in from their devoted followers. Examples are:

5)      The Self Help Guru

Another positive archetype also broadcast in the morning but a lot more also do in the afternoon.   Many proclaimed psychologists giving out advice or sometimes even tackling serious topics such as domestic abuse or depression.   Some just spout positivity to uplift your day.  Examples are:

6)      The Marketing Expert

Or sometimes refer to themselves as “social media experts” usually broadcast 2 to 3 times a day.  Giving various tips, tricks and hacks then presenting a call to action at the end of their scope.  I’ve actually have learned quite a bit from these people.   Examples are:

Diane Bernard
7)      The Party Person

A lot of Celebrity scopers fit into this category as well.   Many of these scopers are college guy or girls and always broadcast a night.  .   It’s interesting to watch their demeanor and personality change throughout the night, dancing, singing, or just being silly stupid. They start with a “getting ready to party scope”  then the actual “party” scope, then sometimes the “after affects” scope if you are  lucky.  Examples are:

8)      The Sight Seer

I really appreciate this type of scoper.  This website is founded on the idea to find interesting people or people who live in interesting places around the world which I have not seen or visited yet.    And these scopers typically do live in interesting parts of the world usually pointing the camera outward instead of themselves to show of the beautiful scenery around them.  Examples are

9)      The Driver

This is a lesser variant on the sightseer.  I confess that I’ve done this one a few times myself.     This is NOT the driver that points the camera at themselves but outward.  Usually they play music in the backround giving people a since of that scopers musical tastes.   I’ve seen this type of scoper as local as Whittier, CA to as far way on the streets of Baghdad.

10)   The Chef

I confess, I’ve don’t this one a couple of times myself.  I’ve done this often enough to confuse some of my followers to think that I am of this Archetype, but I am not.  I only know one dish!   However, fortunately there are plenty of other scoper/chefs out that that broadcast on a daily basis.  Bon A petit!

11)   The Philosopher

This type of scoper tends to attract less followers than the previous archetypes mentioned above, however they are extremely numerous and don’t really seem to care how many followers are watching them but just like to vent about life in general.   I confess I’ve done this one too!


Well that’s the list.  I may have left out others such as the ghost hunter or the ambulance chaser, because they are not as numerous, but we certainly have a place for them on this site.  Let me know if there is another archetype I have left out or missed.  Leave me a comment in the section below.