Whether they are chasing ghost or bigfoot, or climbing Mt. Everest, or creating viral videos on every scope the Most Extreme Scopers on the net are here –

Robert King Photo Journalist

Haunted Hunters – Katch.me

The Abbey – West Hollywood institution, home of the Gay Walk of Fame – Katch.me

Jonathan – Journalist in Hong Kong – katch.me

Psycadella – Drag Queen –

Seth Gamble – Porn Star – Wikipedia

Papa Bear Alaska

The Blind Periscoperkatch.me

DatingPimpScope –

Sushi Disco – Former Stipper and Form Porn Actress turned Anti-Porn Activist

Crissy Moran – Former Porn Acress turned born again Christian – katch.me

Linday Fay – Ghost Hunter – katch.me – Twitter

Jesse Fullen – the PervHunt Guy – This guy actually scopes how he catches Pervs – Twitter –

Nightcrawlers- People that chase police and firefighters for scopes

Unite Crawlers – Florida – Nightcrawler

North Jersey Firenews – Nightcrawler

Greater Boston Radio – Nightcrawler

Nathan – Breaking Entertainment News in So Cal