Periscope TV – The official URL Website of Persicope

Katch.me – Where scopes can be saved and viewed indfinetely. – CLOSED

Couch View – Random Live Streams on Periscope TV

Aggregated LIVE – Another third party website showing live streams

Periscope Guide – Focus on finding Celebrities

Periscope Lifestyle – Overall Guide to periscope

Liveonperiscope – Similar to this site

PeriscopeTV – All things Periscope

Scoperchat – Fascinating site with all kinds of stats including your comments!

Professional Periscope Blog

Scope Replays

Scoper Hub

Fullcope.TV – Analytic Marketing Software for Periscope

Periscope Support Groups on Facebook that I belong to

Periscope – 190,000 members  (Open Group) (No longer allows posts)

Perinewbies – by 2,100 members

Periscope Success #WeKhan – By Alex Khan – 1,800 members

Periscopers Group – by Joy Poulsen  1,700 members

Periscope World Chat – 534 members

Periscope para Emprendedoras – 260 members

Periscope with Purpose —  200 members

PeriscopeLives – by Me (p3) – 200 members

Periscope Meet Up – 71 members

Periscope Support Group – by Michelle Reeves – 25 members

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