periscope_dronesAs much as I am excited about these new features, I am bittersweetened by the news.     This website was created based on a niche that was filling a need and void on Periscope.  That void being it was extremely difficult to find what you were looking for on Periscope other than geographic location.    This website has been growing in traffic because it was filling that void.   However, with the new search feature about to roll out,  I wonder how that will affect the traffic or need to have this website categorized.   The downside is that this is a static website.   Static meansthat updates have to be done manually.   Nonetheless I will continue to grow and maintain this website until I no longer see a need for it.   This may morph into a Periscope Blog Site or I may even turn into a forum site or a personal Periscope Website Space page of sorts.  – Check out the article from the Next Web Here..     On a side note it is cool that Periscope will be easy to hook up with Drones.    I really want to get one now!   But they are expensive.   I’ll leave a link below anyway if anyone is interested.

DJI T600 Inspire 1 Quadcopter with 4k Video Camera with Controller