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Ian McLaughlin – The Brain Scientist

1-ian Neuroscientist who discusses the brain
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Julia Majors

 1-julia Physicist, expert of lasers/quantum world
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Bob the Cat

 1-bobthecat Does very informative telescope/microscope scopes
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Dr Zhana

 1-zhana Sex scientist who offer great sex education
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Deanna Hooper

 1-deanna Cosmologist, talks about the universe
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Dennis Hands  1-dennis Astronomy professor, answers questions about astronomy



 1-planetbye Earth science expert and astrophysicist
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Science Pete  1-sciencepete Microbiologist, PhD in molecular genetics


Santini  bsantini Physicists working in the field of nuclear medicine


Astro Luke  1-astro Former NASA intern, occasional science scopes


Tamitha Skov

 1-tamitha Space meteorologist, talks about auroras & space weather
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NASA  1-nasasocial New to periscope, interviews with astronauts & news
ESA  eqr4zgc2_400x400 All the latest news from the European Space Agency
Science Friday  Y-s4-mRz_400x400 Weekly science experiments, very educational
Phil Plait  bad Well-known astrophysicist and science advocate
Joe Hanson  joe-hanson Biologist, known science advocate
Atlas Experiment  atlas Experiment at the LHC, not many scopes yet
Popular Science  popscience Science and technology news