A Collection of the most Infamous and Shocking Scopes on the Net

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Plane crashes into Nissan Sentra on I15 in San Diego 4-2-2016

Thief caught stealing from car live on Periscope!

Woman Gets arrested for driving drink and broadcasting it live.

Ex-porn star and infamous Periscoper Bree Olson confronts her stalker

Shock Jock Anthony Cumia’s Girlfriend Claims Domestic Violence On Live Stream

Man has his own murder recorded live

Four legged creature on Mars

Dead girls voice heard in Florida home (creepy)

Burglar Live Streams his Crime!

UFO in Colorado!

Tornado Warning Siren and Hail

Alone in Haunted 1920s Bldg (Creepy)

In the middle of a hurricane warning!

Earthquake in Nepal caught on Periscope!

New York City Blizzard

Driving in a storm near Disney World

Mega Hail Storm

Two Creepy Men in LA