People Are Idiots and I Can Prove It!: The 10 Ways You Are Sabotaging Yourself and How You Can Overcome Them (Hardcover)

All the trolls who are rude, obnoxious or just plain mean are collected and added here to this list!
There are here so you can TROLL Them!  So be nice!  🙂

Thuglife28 – for being disrespectful on Crisy’s scope and for being an idiot – added 4-5-2016 – click here for twitter

Hira in England – She is her because she insulted my wife –  added 4-4-201 – clickhere for her Twittier

Memo5522 – Sexxxxx Idiot – added 3-26-2016

Reece – Just for being rude on Kim Garst Scope – Go Here for his Twitter – added 3-24-16

Tim D. – Go here for his Twitter

Summer Guthrie

Ross M