I am working on a online form which will be better, however, until then go ahead and answer the questions below in the comment section of this Blog if you want to be Scoper of the Week.  🙂

1) How long have you been on Periscope

2) How Often are you on Periscope?

3) What do you get out of Periscope?

4) What do you hope to achieve by being on Periscope

5) What is your biggest rant/issue with Periscope?

6) What do you do for fun?

7) Do you have any online business or weblink that you would like to promote?

8) Can you send me pic of yourself that we can use for this article.

9) What time do you usually scope?

10) Tell me 3 interesting facts about yourself

11) Any friends on periscope or online you would like to shout out to?